GCSE Options 2022-24

Welcome to the GCSE Options page for the Year 10 2022-2024 cohort. Below you can videos and links to information on the different GCSE option subjects. If you prefer, you can download the full booklet here.

Core Subjects

Alongside their option choices, pupil will study the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, RS, Welsh, and the Skills Challenge Certificate. Find out more about the core subjects by clicking the link below.
Core Subject Information

Option Subjects

Below are a series of short videos about each of the GCSE courses on offer. To read more about the course, click the link in blue above the relevant video.

Think carefully about your choices, and make sure they’re right for you:

  • What subjects do you really enjoy? You’ll do better if you’re actually interested in what you’re learning!

  • Are there specific subjects you need to take in order to progress to further study? The majority of subjects will link neatly to AS and A Level studies. However, if you’re interested in a particular college or vocational course, or area of work, make sure you check the entry requirements.

  • Keep your options open. If you’re not sure what you want to do after GCSEs, don’t panic – it’s a lot to think about when you’re only 14! Look at options that cover a range of topics and skills, rather than focusing on a particular area. Good grades in a range of options, and your core subjects are just as valuable.

  • Make your own choice. Whilst it’s nice to have a friend in class, chances are that you and your friends have different interests and goals. Taking an option just because your friend is, is not in your best interest. It’s important to put yourself first!

  • Make your own choice – part 2! Don’t choose, or avoid choosing, an option because ‘that teacher loves me!’/’that teacher hates me!’. Firstly, teachers don’t love or hate pupils! Sometimes you may not see eye-to-eye on things, but this shouldn’t influence your choices. Secondly, you won’t necessarily have the same teacher next year, or a different teacher for that matter! GCSE is a step up from Key Stage 3. If you follow the advice above, and choose subjects that you’re interested in, you’ll be fine – you’re studying something your teacher is just as passionate about!

You can find useful information about choosing courses, subject paths, and careers on the Careers Wales website.

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