Yr8 Artwork to be displayed at Royal Academy of Arts!

We are incredibly proud of Year 8 Pencoed Comprehensive pupil Cristina Delgado, whose artwork will be displayed online and at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, this summer.

Cristina’s colour-pencil sketch, ‘Tadcu’, was one of several sketched portraits she produced during lockdown, as part of her remote learning in Expressive Arts. An exceptionally talented artist, Cristina has used various media, including watercolour and coloured pencils to create stunning portraits, taking inspiration from a variety of sources, including movie characters, and family pets.

For this particular piece, Cristina took a photo of her Tadcu to use as the basis of the portrait, ‘as he has an interesting face, and is always smiling’.

Cristina’s sketch was among some 33,000 entries made to the now annual Royal Academy of Arts’ Young Artists’ Summer Show. A number of artworks were selected to be part of the online exhibition, and a small number of those to be physically displayed – Cristina’s work being one of them.

Cristina’s mother, Iona Delgado, heard about the competition from a friend, and contacted Mrs Williams, asking if she could register the school. Not surprisingly, she was thrilled when Cristina’s artwork was selected to go on display:

“The whole family is going to London on the weekend school breaks up to see her work on display in the Royal Academy. My Dad (her Tadcu) is going to take his green hat, so that he can have his photo taken next to the real thing!”

Head of Art at Pencoed Comprehensive, Mrs Helen Williams, was delighted at the news:

“It’s fantastic to celebrate Cristina’s achievement, we’re all so proud of her. To have her work exhibited publically is amazing!”

Mrs Claire Bevan, Cristina’s Expressive Arts teacher, was equally impressed:

“Cristina produced some extraordinary work during lockdown, and seeing her talent recognised at such a high level is superb! I’m excited to see her continue to grow and develop as an artist, and hope that this success will spur her on.”

Other staff have been equally impressed by Cristina’s talent, even going so far as to commission work from her!

Cristina’s sketch, entitled ‘Tadcu’ will be on display online, and at the Royal Academy of Arts from 13th July.

Below are some of Cristina’s original creations, including her winning piece, ‘Tadcu’.

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