Yr10 Technocamps Workshops

Last week, our Year 10 ICT pupils took part in a two day workshop, delivered by Technocamps. During their time, pupils got to grips with new software, which will help them in their coursework.

On day one, pupils unleashed their creative side, learning the ins and outs of Adobe Animate. The program allows pupils to create 2D graphic animations, using a variety of methods, including frame-by-frame animation, and ‘tweens’ – which allow the pupils to set the particular properties of their object from one frame to another, whilst Animate works out the motion in between.

Day two saw pupils get a bit more technical, as they started to expand their knowledge and understanding of website. In the morning, they were introduced to HTML and CSS coding, to manually create the look, layout, and content of a website. Later, the pupils began to explore Adobe Dreamweaver, and how they could utilise it’s features in combination with the coding they had already studied.

We’re very grateful to the team from Technocamps for sharing their expertise! Not only will these tutorials help pupils with their wider understanding of ICT, they will be invaluable when it comes to their controlled assessment; worth 30% of their final grade, pupils are given a scenario by the WJEC to create a promotional website, that includes an animation.

Mr Thornton, Head of ICT, was impressed by pupils’ focus and engagement throughout the two days, and pupils are excited to begin experimenting with their newly acquired skills!