Qualifications 2021 – Centre Determined Grades

As has previously been communicated, this year’s exam series for Y11, Y12 and Y13 has been cancelled and replaced with the requirement to award Centre Determined Grades (CDGs). The CDGs will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated attainment in areas of the qualification content that a student has covered. They are not predicted grades or grades which appear on progress tracking from the school. Below is a brief outline of the school’s plan from April 12th 2021 – a full copy of the letter, which has been sent to parents and carers can be found here.


Qualifications Wales tells us that while the approach to producing the Centre Determined Grade is holistic in its nature, it needs to be underpinned by sufficient evidence of demonstrated attainment across key themes and skills.

Teachers will be drawing evidence to determine a grade from three areas, as follows:

  1. Adapted Assessments
  2. Non-Examined Assessments
  3. Wider Contributory Evidence
A proportion of the tasks will have been completed during the year but the adapted assessments will confirm the centre’s assessment grades and provide teachers with additional evidence of each learner’s attainment. As directed by Qualifications Wales, the grades determined by the centre will be based on evidence of the learners’ work not their potential. Learners will be informed when any adapted assessment will be carried out.

Subject Assessment Plans

The school has produced, for learners and parents/carers, an overview of what is being assessed and how these assessments will take place. These overviews will support learners in understanding what is required of them and the content that is being assessed.
A2 Qualification Assessment Plan
AS Qualification Assessment Plan
GCSE Qualification Assessment Plan

Further Information

Details of important dates can be found here. Further information regarding access arrangements, internal quality assurance, and the process of review can be found in the full letter sent to parents and carers on 26th March, 2021.