New Safety Measures to Manage Traffic on the Croesty/Pencoed Comprehensive School Site

As an outcome of a recent Health and Safety Traffic Management Audit conducted by the Local Authority, further safety action is required for our shared sites.

The audit has recommended, based on Health and Safety legal requirements, that both schools together implement a traffic lock down on our shared site between 8.30 and 9.00. This will be in addition to the lock downs at the end of the school day, and is considered necessary on the basis of being a reasonably practicable control measure for the safety of learners and adults walking on the school sites.

During the morning lock down, the main gates will be closed to traffic and will only be opened to Local Authority organised home-to-school transport, where absolutely necessary. These vehicles will then not be permitted to leave site until 9.00 when the gates are reopened.

All private and staff vehicles will not be allowed on to the site between 8.30 and 9.00.

We would encourage all pedestrians to always make use of the zebra crossing if they are walking across the campus and remind drivers of the need to give way to pedestrians using the crossing points.

We would also strongly advise pedestrians to be very cautious when crossing at the lowered curbs just outside the main gates, due to some drivers using the area as a drop off zone.

These changes will begin on Monday 14th March 2022.

We thank you for your support and cooperation in implementing these essential health and safety Local Authority directives.

Mrs M Kay, Croesty Primary School, and Mrs N Charles, Pencoed Comprehensive School

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