Settling in to Year 7 Evening

Unfortunately, due to Covid safeguarding measures, we are unable to invite Yr7 parents and carers to the school for the ‘Settling in to Year 7’ evening. However, we have put together a playlist of some of the most important information you will need, along with providing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Year 7 Progress and Wellbeing Leader, Mrs Davies, kicks things off with an introduction to our Wellbeing Coaches and Wellbeing Hub support staff, as well as key information about how to stay in touch with the school, and support your child.

Mrs McGuckin, Pupil Progress Co-Ordinator, explains the ins and outs of the Progress and Tracking Data you will receive throughout the year, and what this can tell you about how your child is performing in school.

Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Tobin, gives a brief guide as to how virtual Parent’s Evening will run this year (Yr7 have theirs on 18th November). We don’t want to overload you, so log in details and further information will be sent to you nearer the time.

Finally, our ALNCo, Mrs McMahon, talks about some of the most frequently asked questions about additional learning needs at Pencoed Comprehensive.

If you haven’t already received an invite for SIMs Parent App, or wish to update your contact details, visit the ‘Parents’ page. You will find the forms for both of these at the bottom of the page.

If you have any further general queries, you can contact the school, using the details on the left of this pages. If you have more specific questions regarding Year 7, or your child, you can contact Mrs Davies (Yr7 Progress and Wellbeing Leader), or any of the Wellbeing Coaches, using the details in the video.

We hope all of our Yr7 pupils have had an enjoyable start to their time at Pencoed Comprehensive, and we look forward to see them progress and grow over the next five years!

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